The Suffering of Free-Range Meat Chickens


Allan and I have been looking at different breeds of chickens available on the market for both eggs and meat. We have strongly leaned towards the heritage breeds, but mainly because of how hardy they are. We do, after all, live in northern Alberta.

I came across this blog by Kelly from “This-mom Gig” with the same title as this post, and it stopped me. “The suffering of free-range meat chickens?” I thought…”This can’t be right!”

I have to say, the article pushed me hard off the proverbial fence, and we are definitely going with a heritage breed of chicken. I don’t care if the meat produced is less than a ‘meat’ bird, or if they lay less eggs than the strict egg layers. I am trying to get closer to God’s creation and further from man’s sickening (literally) science experiments.

The article below is a must read if you are also stuck on the fence like I was. It will definitely change the way you look at things.

The Suffering of Free-Range Meat Chickens.


2 thoughts on “The Suffering of Free-Range Meat Chickens

  1. Great! I highly recommend Barred Plymouth Rock and Buff Orpingtons– but there are so many fun varieties. Araucanas are fun layers, with blue or green eggs. The other thing I highly recommend is looking for a poultry show to peruse– if you’re like me, you will have a ridiculous amount of fun checking out all the amazing breeds. Have fun!

    • Thank you for the recommendations! We are seriously looking at Barred Plymouth Rocks. I would LOVE some Araucanas for the ‘fun’ factor, but I’m not sure how hardy they would be with our cold climate, or even where I would get them from here. The Plymouth’s keep coming up as a hardy bird, and I can order them through our local feed store, so that’s probably the way we will go.

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