Clearing stumps


Ruby’s stump.

One of the problems with cutting down trees is that stumps are left behind. This can be a problem if you need to use the area for something else, like a house. If you are in the woods and falling trees for firewood or if you are simply cleaning up some fallen trees, then stumps aren’t an issue. Unfortunately for us, we need the stumps gone. Now.

There are several methods that we looked at for removing the stumps. One is to use the old method the local aboriginals would employ. They would simply light the stump on fire and burn it out. If the stumps were all dead, and I wasn’t concerned about a root fire, I would be all for this. Of course, the chance of burning down all of our trees puts a bit of a damper on the bonfire as well.

We also looked at pigs. We read that if you pen pigs where there are stumps, they will root around and push up the soil looking for tasty morsels. In the process, they will push up and turn so much soil that they will either uproot the stump altogether or make it so that it’s really easy to pull the stump up when they are done. This takes time, and we don’t have that kind of time.

That left us with my Jeep, that I affectionately call Ruby. Ruby is a girl. Yes, I’m weird. That’s not the point <grin>. Her name is Ruby because she is a Jeep Rubicon. She is mine, and I can make her a girl if I want. And yes, I am very lucky to have her. Rubicons are the top line of the Jeep Wrangler series, and as such are built heavy duty with major off road capacities. Ruby can pull other Jeeps…so why not a stump?


My Jeep, Ruby.

So, we dug around the first stump, cut all of the roots with an axe, and wrapped a chain around the stump, and pulled. We pulled, and pulled, and then…with a rending tear, the stump came out. It worked. It wasn’t easy, and Ruby had to work hard. Harder than Allan was comfortable with. As an oilfield man for 20 years, he has seen a lot go wrong with vehicles and chains. He didn’t like it one bit. Back to the drawing board.


As luck would have it, Allan’s work had a little project going on of it’s own, and they had a little mini hoe that they were using. When they finished using it, it was going to sit for a week at Allan’s shop until it could be picked up. In the meantime, we were given the ok to use it for our stumps.





Allan brought it home after work and got right to work. He was like a little kid in a sandbox with a large Tonka Truck. I think that he was grinning the entire time. It took a couple days, but he managed to pull all of the stumps out and made a nice big pile of stumps and dirt.

One step closer to having our home! Now to figure out what we are doing with the stumps??




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