Clearing trees and planting our future.



We have to clear quite a few trees for our home building site in the woods. We have marked the ones we are cutting down with pink paint and now have a beautiful forest of pink trees. It’s quite daunting to be honest.









I am determined to have my house nestled in the trees, but the thought of cutting so many trees, hauling them out of the woods, chopping them in to fire wood, burning or chipping the branches and then pulling all of the stumps makes me feel at times like we have taken on too much. Everything is always easier in the planning. It’s the executing that gets you. Maybe that’s why it’s the same word used to kill something….

DSC00010We bravely push on, chopping and hacking our way into the future. The nicest part of all of this is that everything we do is for our future. Everything has measured results. At the end of the day, I looked at the trees piled up and the wood stacked and the stumps laying around, and I knew that we had accomplished something tangible.

One thing I’m learning is that too often we spend all our time and effort on something that isn’t tangible – television, video games, etc – and in the end we have nothing to show. Nothing that we can point to and say, “See? I did that.” If you play video games or have favourite shows, I’m not picking on you. I was there once too. I have spent obscene amounts of time playing games and watching television only to have nothing tangible to show for it. Take my word for it when I say that this is a better feeling of accomplishment than anything a game can offer.

Neatly stacked for a future fire.

Neatly stacked for a future fire.

White Spruce saplings

White Spruce saplings



As well as cutting down trees, we planted a line of 80 spruce trees between our property and the neighbours. The saplings were given to us from a friend who works for Sustainable resources. The local Forestry branch. They hand out saplings to school children every year and usually have left overs. Instead of seeing the left overs be wasted, I asked if we could take some. I actually had more than 80 given to me, but that’s all I could plant. I gave the rest to some friends who assured me they would also plant them.





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