Bringing home a shed

Living in your 5th Wheel is a little tight. It takes some practice, and I’m glad that I was able to get that practice when we had previously lived in it for a year before moving here. Still, having a shed to store extra stuff in is nice.

We had built a shed when we were living at the shop apartment and hadn’t brought it to the land yet. Again, I am grateful for Allan’s job because it has made so many parts of this experience a lot easier. He waited for a day when the trailer and picker were available, and loaded everything up and brought it to the house. I got to be his rigger for this, and no, it wasn’t the first time I’ve done this, even if it looks like it .



I’m grateful that the shed survived the trip in good order. The staples for our temporary roofing (aka – tarp) came out on one side, but it was otherwise unscathed.


Me, rigging(For those of you who are safety conscious, Allan is a ticketed Journeyman Boom Truck operator, and I have all of my oilfield safety courses as well from being a welder. We are 100% qualified to be doing this, legally and with experience.)



Allan in the swing cab.


It unloaded beautifully and is now awaiting our extras. This will include stuff like winter gear, camping gear, supplies for the Junior Forest Wardens, etc. It will be nice to get those things put away and out of my hair.


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