We all got something new!

We have had some excitement on the acreage lately. William turned 14 and got the one thing he has been begging for, a pet rabbit. The rabbit’s name? You would never guess it. Pickles. No word of a lie. The boy named his rabbit Pickles. <sigh>

The little guy needed a home, so instead of running out and paying exorbitant amounts for a simple rabbit hutch, I went on the internet and found some simple plans that I like. You must be careful if you find plans on the internet though. Anyone can do up some plans and put them on the internet. It doesn’t mean that the measurements add up, or that the structure is even safe. Even if it looks good, go over everything with a fine toothed comb and don’t be afraid to add some reinforcement to stuff if things look a little flimsy to you.

You also need to keep in mind the area the plans came from too. People in Texas don’t have to worry about our temperatures and snow loads, but they do have their own weather considerations. What’s good for our area isn’t good for theirs, and vice versa.

This particular cage was fairly good, but there were some measurements that didn’t quite add up. I wish that I could tell you what the differences were and where I found them, but I can’t.



Cage finished, sans rabbit, and stain.



Pickles in his new home.



Gunner, our lab, inspecting the new arrival.

Gunner, our lab, inspecting the new arrival.


For myself? I got a compost bin! It’s three compartments and has a roof to collect rain in the centre. The rain will then drain into a rain barrel that I can water my plants with. Assuming it rains. It’s been VERY dry this year so far.


Allan screwing down the tin for our water collection. We can also store dry straw or hay in the centre to add to the compost.

Allan screwing down the tin for our water collection. We can also store dry straw or hay in the centre to add to the compost.

Of course, I didn’t buy the compost bin, I built it. Again, I got the idea from the internet. This one was from here. It’s doesn’t have blueprints or measurements, but I based the idea on this site. It’s not stained yet, but will be stained the same as Pickle’s cage. We will get to that soon I’m sure <cough>.

This leads me to Allan. In the one picture of my compost bin, you can see his shiny new present. A Kabota tractor. Allan is in little boy heaven right now! It has a lawn mower attachment, a snow blower, a bucket and a hoe. For a small acreage, what more could you want? (Apparently that wasn’t rhetorical, as I was informed that we could use a tiller for my garden and pallet forks too) <gig>.

Here are some better photos of the new Tonka Toy:



William mowing the lawn….yeah, we will call it lawn, not old hay field.



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