Time For Piles!!

Allan is a manager for a pile driving company. He used to be a pile driver, and worked his way up to where he is now. Because he has access and knowledge for piles, we decided that we would put in a pile foundation for our home. This is great for us, but understand that it’s not cost effective normally. Normally, a regular basement or slab foundation would be much better for you in the dollars and cents department. Because we have free access to the equipment and we will be putting in our own sweat equity, and we get the piles for much less than retail, it’s the cheapest option for us.

So, now that the stumps are out and the trees are cleared, it’s time to install the piles. We first need to mark where each pile is going, and we do this by putting a nail with pink marker tape tied to it in the centre of where the pile should go.

We walk around after with a ring and spray paint and mark exactly where the pile will sit. This is what the rigger will line the pile up to. It will be his job to make sure that the piles are where we have marked.


A marked pin for the piles.



The grid we used to lay out the piles. Getting this square was super frustrating.

Once everything was marked out, we called up Allan’s friend and co-worker Dave to come give us a hand. Dave is a mechanic at Allan’s shop, but he started out as a rigger for the company and so he knows what he’s doing. I have rigged for the cranes, but not for the pile driver, so I opted to take photos instead. <grin>IMG_1899


Dave guiding everything into place. Remember those pins?


Allan had to climb to the top to adjust something. As someone who is afraid of heights, this made me nauseous – even if it wasn’t me! Don’t worry though, Allan was wearing all of his fall protection stuff.

Once all of the piles were in the ground we had to cut and cap them. This means that we cut all the piles so that they were at the height we wanted and level to each other. We don’t want a crooked house!


Here is Will using a beveler that a friend loaned us. This makes sure that the cut is even and clean – and so simple even a kid can use it đŸ˜‰



Now it’s my turn. Time to weld the caps onto the cut piles. In the foreground you can see some of the caps sitting on top waiting for me to weld them.



Time to double check that all is level…



Nailed it!!

It feels so good to be one more step closer to having a house! Something tangible!! Love it <wink>




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